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TGIF everyone! Pinterest is lighting up with Christmas pins right now and to be honest, it is making me giddy. I heart Christmas pretties. I really do. Here are a few of the other Pins I heart this week.



I need to remember this constantly.



Seriously wanting to do this with my chandie over the dining room table. The pinecones are lovely.



Sweet, dreamy mom and baby pictures melt my mommy heart. Loving the lighting here.



So much inspiration for Baby Bear’s upcoming Cookies and Milk themed birthday party.


Pinned Image

Pure woodsy Christmas bliss. Time for good book, HOT cocoa and warm sweaters.



If you have a minute, go check out Pugly Pixel. Great resources for bloggers. Love my new washi tape!



Now this kitchen just makes me happy. Butter yellow and farmhouse sinks always do.


Have a lovely weekend, dear friends.

Am I a Mom or a MOP?

Ah, motherhood. Joyous, miraculous and beautiful. Children are our greatest blessings in life.

And…the biggest challenges. Motherhood is not exactly a piece of cake and at times can rock us to the core. And yet, there is no job I would rather do. As a M.O.P. (mother of preschoolers) I sometimes feel like a mop (a well worn, dutiful, dragged out, mess catcher) but I am learning to see this as a very positive thing. Both roles, M.O.P. and mop, are necessary. Especially to those little pipsqueaks. Honestly, the last 4 years have been extremely difficult since I had my first baby. The challenges are draining and at times the monotony can be mind numbing, but I can confidently say, I have never felt more whole, happy, and content in my life. Ever.

Some of this peace is not new, though. For the first few years, I felt like I should be doing more. A lot more. I felt guilt for not bringing in any income. I felt shame in not being the calm, gentle mom I thought I would be. I felt anger in not knowing how to manage a household well when that was my sole occupation.

I thought all along that the kids would be happier if I was the perfect play date host and if we could afford 50 extracurricular activities. I thought I was being a better person if I went back to school or got a job, further cramming busy-ness in to our lives, even if that meant spending a lot less time with my babies.

Then it dawned on me. As long as I was home with my little boys, my job was to be their mom. That’s it. I needed to stop trying to make something of myself when I knew all I ever really wanted was to raise a family. Why? Because they NEED me. Really need me, not just for meals and diapers, but for companionship, attention, and TIME. And I need them. Desperately.

So I stopped fixating on what I want to be when I grow up. For the first time in my plan-ahead life I don’t know what is going to happen in the months and years ahead. And I am ok with that because my boys and I are happy. Not just the nobody is crying or hurt happy, but a true, depths of my soul, burning, radiating, glowing JOY kind of happy. I have finally found my calling and it was right in front of me all along, spilling milk on the couches, pulling my skirt down in public, screaming at each other in restaurants, and giving me the sweetest “I love my Mommy” kisses in the whole wide world. I love you, Boys.

I will leave you with a poem that speaks to my heart.

nursery inspiration

*Downloadable Print from Lay Baby Lay*


Enjoy your little ones


Halloween at PicMonkey {Printable Fun}

How many of you have jumped on the PicMonkey bandwagon? I recently decided this little gem and am having so much fun with it! You want to know how I found it? I Googled “alternatives to Photoshop.” Crazy right? It’s a nifty FREE website where you can edit photos quite extensively or even make your own printables! I have used it for party invitations, Facebook timelines, and good ol’ photo editing. There is even a feature called “Nip/Tuck”.” Yep, you guessed it, free digital plastic surgery. And Makeup. And everything else cool that you can imagine doing with your photos. The collection of fonts rocks too! My Fall Bucket List Printable was made on PicMonkey and it was a blast!

So the other day I get on to edit a pic and lo and behold, the whole site had morphed into a super fabulous Halloween fun land! So thrilled, I discarded my original project and started playing with all of the new stuff. Want to look like your favorite Vampire? Go ahead! Feel like dressing up for Day of the Dead, but don’t have enough face paint? No problem! The options are endless and the fonts just make me so darn happy.


So I whipped up a little sign for you Lovely folks using a piece of digital scrap paper. Add a little spooky shape here, candy corn and bats there, top it off with a cute font and a fun print is born!


How cute will this look on your front door for trick or treaters? I see a chunky black frame happening. Yes!

Boo Sign

Go ahead and right click the image and save it to your PC.

What kind of fun stuff do you use PicMonkey for?

Enjoy, my dear friends. And have a lovely week!


Dear Coffee,


Coffee Cup


September 29th is National Coffee Day and being the coffee lover that I am, I thought I would tell my drink of choice how I feel.

Dear Coffee,

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love your ability to make non-morning people, like myself, chipper and cheery in the early hours of the day. Thank you for that.

I love your versatility; hot, cold, strong, smooth, sweet, bitter, basic, elaborate.

Marilyn Monroe drinking coffee.


I love your classic, timeless appeal. Much like my beloved Marilyn.

I love your richness, texture and strength. Very fine qualities, if you ask me.

I love the way you fuel my creativity and ambition. No wonder coffee is so loved by bloggers!


I love your beauty. Just lovely.

I love who I am with you; somewhat put together, awake, energized, downright zippy.

I love how you bring people together. Who hasn’t met a friend over coffee or sat in a kitchen with family over a hot cup of happiness?

I love your accessories. A born shopper, I have so much fun discovering new serving items and doodads made simply for the betterment of the coffee experience. Yes.


I love the feeling of pure bliss I have when my amazing Hubby and I get to sit and enjoy your warm weekend wake-up together with our matching mugs. Pure bliss.

Love your devoted follower,



*Happy Coffee Day everyone! And have a lovely weekend.*


Fall Bucket List {Printable Décor}

Happy Fall everyone! And a very happy anniversary to my beloved Hubby. Thank you for making #9 the best year yet. I can’t wait for more.

Fall really makes me think of blessings. All of the wonderful things I love about life seem to culminate in Autumn. Warm sunlight. Cozy fires. Soft sweaters. Cuddly mornings with my boys. Yummy food. Family time. Get-togethers. Holidays. Decorating. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Turning leaves. I could go on all day. That is why I decided to whip up a little printable for you all. I have recently converted my décor from a Tuscan red and chocolate style to a more modern grey, teal and yellow theme. I am loving it and thought this cute little print would look darling in my kitchen (and yours!)


fall 2012 bucket list

{click the image above to download}

Remember to think about the things and people you love this season.

Enjoy, and have a lovely day.


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