Just for Laughs: Ultimate Dog Tease – YouTube

Rough day? Crabby kids? Looking for a laugh?

I may have a cure for you.

This dog video is outrageously popular on YouTube and made me laugh until milk came out of my nose. Really.

Check it out to see why and to get your own little peice of happy.

Ultimate Dog Tease – YouTube.


Happy Monday, my friends. Have a Lovely week and don’t forget to stop and smell the bacon…er, roses or something.


Organized? Me? I think…not.

I’m definitely a messy person… I know where everything is but I just can’t organize. I don’t make lists and find scripts on the laundry machine, and under my bed, or in the bathroom, kitchen. It’s bad, I really need to take control.
Katie Holmes
Read more: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/organize.html#ixzz1jerReCfh

Katie is preaching to the choir here. I am always a mess, although I absolutely know where everything is. I am a “stacker” meaning my go-to form of organizing is to neatly categorize and stack everything in to piles. Not that cool, actually. If someone moves a pile, I am lost forever. Is it just me? Are any of my lovely readers “stackers”? Or are you a labeler, or out of sight out of mind type? Maybe you have all of your clutter under control; maybe not. There are so many different brain types out there, each processing and dealing differently, that there can not possibly be a single solution for all of us.

This year, I resolved to be more organized. So far, I have not come leaps and bounds above where I was in 2011, but there have been a few improvements here and there.

So what did I do? I bought a book. (Like I really need another book in my house. I am the world’s worst book hoarder. I just can’t get rid of them) Not just any old book, mind you. An organizational book. There are a few in my collection that have never held my attention, but I thought I might give this one a try. It’s called:

Organizing for Your Brain Type: Finding Your Own Solution to Managing Time, Paper, and Stuff by Lanna Nakone

Cover Image

I will let you know what I think soon. Wish me luck!



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