Craft Spaces to Inspire Your Creativity

These days, there are more and more home businesses popping up for creative-minded folks. With the help of sites like Etsy and eBay, where anyone can sell handmade lovelies, there has been a resurgence of handmade goods flooding the marketplace.

This is a win-win for all parties, because consumers now have access to unique, one-of-a-kind items of all kinds, and crafters are now able to produce their wares without the worry of outrageous overhead costs or the distraction of running a brick and mortar shop.

Let’s check out some amazing craft rooms of successful crafters in the handmade world.

Enjoy the creative eye-candy!

Shabby Chic

What girly-girl wouldn’t love creating in this ethereal, pink sewing room? So lovely.


The link above will take you to the owner’s blog, Sew Many Ways, where there are about a gazillion pictures from the makeover of this space. Pretty astounding. Be careful, you could stay there forever. It is just that awesome.


vintage studio

Vintage, vintage, vintage! This studio uses antique tools to make the items they sell on Etsy. How cool would it be to work with these relics from the past each day?


craft space


Wow, I am in love with the colors in this hutch! So fun and energetic!


Dec -2011 192

Dec -2011 191Dec -2011 196

Here is my current craft space. {Waa-Waa} Sort of lacking in the organization department, but that is just how I roll, baby.

I love having a hutch that I can close if needed, hiding all of the chaos that is my creative process. The ribbon organizer is pretty handy as well, although my ribbon collection may soon be too much to contain. Eventually, I will be mounting the organizer on the wall. Baby steps. Organization is not my strong suit these days.

Today, my craft room is also being used as an office and guest room. Not ideal, so the plan is to transport the room to another part of the house so this can just be my office and crafty hideout.


I hope these craft palaces have inspired you to go out and make something. It really is fulfilling.

Want to see the cute stuff that I made? Check out my Etsy shop, Pinkology

Have a great weekend!.


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