Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Let it be Lovely.

Can I sell items made with Let it be Lovely brushes & stamps?

Absolutely! Just follow the guidelines in the ‘Design with’ license agreement. I hope you’ll be super successful!

What is a 'design with' license?

Basically, when creating with Let it be Lovely brushes & stamps my work (the brushes and stamps) needs to be integrated into your work in such a way that my work can’t be extracted or sold in it’s original form.

For brushes, you are pretty much good to go. Just don’t share, sell or trade the brush file to anyone else, or provide the base shape and settings.

For stamps, the stamp design must be integrated into your design in such a way that it cannot easily be extracted in it’s original form through background removal or other tools. Simply changing the color of the stamp is not sufficient modification to qualify as your work. There should be other elements (stamps, patterns, textures, text etc.) overlayed or incorporated.

As well, this is an individual license not intended to be shared. For multiple users please contact me for an enterprise rate.