I’m so glad you are here! I’ve already learned so much through the process of creating my ‘Wild Hedgerow’ stamps & brushes but there is still so much more to explore and share, and learn from you as well! I love to layer my stamps and use them in unexpected ways. I call my method ‘Intuitive Landscape Painting’ and it’s really about using every tool and method available to create an environment that feels ‘real’…even if it’s kooky, even if it has plants blooming together that would never bloom at the same time in real life…it’s about the process of transforming art that might be struggling a little (or a lot) to come together into something lovely. I want it to be easy for you to be creative. I want you to feel like a genius for some new way you’ve figured out to use your tools and… I want you to be AMAZED that you MADE that!

Wherever you are. Whatever you’re doing. Let it be lovely.♥